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Custom Bags

Custom is what got me started making bags. To get the process started I need to know a few things. If there is a stock bag that you want to customize, start with the style and sizing. From there you need to think about colors of fabric, thread, trim and velcro. If you have a special design element for the flap, let me know. It is helpful to understand your inspiration. Where does your desire for a particular element come from? Why does that speak to you?

For completely custom bags, the process is similar. Does the bag serve a particular function? Does it need to have specific dimensions? What is the number one reason you are contacting me instead of buying a stock bag? Then pick a fabric and note the colors and design elements or particular pocket placements you need to have included. I'll get back to you with some thoughts and pricing in 5-10 days max, but hopefully sooner!

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